Film - As a Prelude to Fear
AS A PRELUDE TO FEAR - THRILLER release date 2019
Now in post-production is a thriller called "As a Prelude to Fear" which is shot in a Film Noir style and reminiscent of movies like "Seven" and "Silence of the Lambs".

AS A PRELUDE TO FEAR Story line - When a young Cello player called Eve gets kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon-like basement, the police detective Barnbrooke believe it is the work of the notorious Pied Piper.

It stars FRANCIS MAGEE from GAME OF THRONES, STARWARS-ROGUE ONE, JUSTICE LEAGUEand HOUSE OF ANUBIS. He plays a high ranking police detective on the hunt for a serial killer called the Pied Piper.

Below Francis Magee playing YOREN in GAME OF THRONES and in the famous MAGNERS ADVERT

Also Francis Magee playing Grisly Rebel in STARWARS - ROGUE ONE with JORDAN STEPHENS of Rizzle Kicks and DIEGO LUNA also playing Absolon beside ED SHEERAN in THE BASTARD EXCUTIONER.

Also starring LARA LEMON who plays Eve Taylor.

Lara won several awards last year including best supporting actress in the New York film festival for her role in OFF-PISTE

Associate Producer Antony Meadley and Casa Films also co-produced OFF-PISTE which won the Festival Award in the Chelsea Film Festival and won the Festival Prize in the Southhampton International Film Festival

Below stills from As a Prelude to Fear- Francis Magee as DCS Barnbrook and Lara Lemon as Eve Taylor, Also Lucy Drive as DI Dobson, Jamie Langlands, Roger Wyatt and Kirsten Callaghan.