Film - C.A.M. - Thriller/Sci-fi horror
C.A.M. - THRILLER/SCI-FI HORROR release date 2019

Length: 85 mins - Format: 2.35:1 - Edited in 4K - Type : Found footage

C.A.M. Story line - “Disease Control” are alerted that food at a local meat processing plant has been contaminated by a rare parasite. Trainee tactical police are sent in to evacuate the workers with a civilian camera crew to document the operation. Finding the organism has entered the food chain they discover the workers have all gone insane, all showing malformation and extreme violent behaviour. When all is not what it appears, they realise that it could have disastrous and deadly repercussions on a world wide scale.

C.A.M. is a pseudo-realistic gritty and thought provoking feature about a UK environmental apocalypse and is based on real life police and military training in preparation for a disease/parasitic apocalypse. The terrifying diseases in this film are not works of fiction, this is not a zombie movie, but everything that happens in this film is real and could cause an outbreak in any country, at any time.

Below the real life news stories warnings about killer virus' and drugs that send people insane that inspired C.A.M. and below that Stills from C.A.M. the movie.

Stills from C.A.M. the movie