Film - Typo - Thriller
TYPO. - PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR release date 2021 - TECH - Running time: 105 mins - Aspect ratio: 16:9 - Filmed and edited with "Red" cameras in 4k

TYPO Storyline - An aspiring writer thinks she has found the love of her life, but commitment leads to a very dark place. As their relationship turns to domestic abuse, the writer starts to question her own reality and fights to keep control of her sanity with extreme repercussions.

INFO - As well as partnering with Casa Films for "As a Prelude to fear" MeloMedia are also the associate producers on the film "TYPO". also providing the production with editors, music compostion and tech support.

CAST - Starring Melissa Hollett (The Manson Family Massacre, Holby City, Seaside Town) and Guy Barnes (Circle of Time)

DIRECTOR - Producer and Director Antony Meadley (Off Piste - Award winner in the Chelsea Film Festival and the Southampton International Film Festival)

Below Director Antony Meadley and cast Melissa Hollet and Guy Barnes and stills from film